As a student in my home country of Sweden I was always interested in the media arts. I earned an intership with one of Swedens top photographers. The pursuit of my photo-education continued to the university level when I attentended Folkuniversitetet in Lund, Sweden.

With the focus and love for my work blossoming I truly learned how to capture human emotion and feeling. It was after I graduated that I put my skills to the test. Immediately out of school I got a job taking portraits with The Studio in Malmo, Sweden. I loved my work. Taking pictures of weddings, families, children and everyone in between. Having worked with families and children I knew this was where my true passion lay. It also lay in the heart of an American. I packed up, shipped out and decided that what I needed to do with my passion was start a business for myself.

With my love for photography, family, life and capturing the perfect moment I am ready to put my heart into whatever comes my way. I look forward to making your moment last forever.